Best Selling Single Rope

Beal Top Gun II 10.5mm

The most popular general purpose single rope.
A brilliant all rounder. Use it to lead bolted routes, traditional routes, at the wall, or for top roping. A super durable 10.5mm rope. Recommended for all! A fatter rope could be considered if you do lots of top roping, or a lighter rope if you are pushing the higher grades.

RRP Price: £150.00 (50M), £172.50 (60M)

Best Online Suppliers (Select for Further Info):
50M £119.99 (Facewest) | 60M £145.00 (Facewest)

Best Selling Half Rope

Beal Joker 9.1mm

The Joker does it all! Ideally used as a Half or Twin Rope but also suitable for extreme climbers wishing to use it as a slick, lightweight Single Rope.
This is the ultimate half rope, suitable for all rock climbing routes and mixed rock/ice/snow climbs.

RRP Price: £135.50 (50M), £162.50 (60M)

Best Online Suppliers (Select for Further Info):
50M £115.17 (Facewest) | 60M £138.13 (Facewest)

Best Selling Winter Half Rope

Beal Joker 9.1mm Golden Dry

All the great characteristics and benefits of the Standard Joker but with a Golden Dry Treatment to make it ideal for extreme winter use.
The treatment prevents the rope from absorbing water and therefore does not get as heavy when wet, and cannot freeze.

RRP Price: £157.50 (50M), £185.50 (60M)

Best Online Suppliers (Select for Further Info):
50M £133.88 (Facewest) | 60M £157.67 (Facewest)


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Rope Types

  • Dynamic Single Rope
  • Dynamic Half Rope
  • Static Rope


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Some of the main Online Rope Suppliers in the UK.

  1. Facewest
  2. Gearzone
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